What to Expect When Making a Counseling Appointment

Many people avoid getting the help they need, due to feeling intimidated with the thought of walking into a cold, clinical environment. At Choices-n-Changes, the atmosphere is quiet and inviting.

Your initial interview consists of a few questions regarding the reason that you are seeking services and a gathering of background information. The potential outcomes of the therapy being recommended are discussed as well.

All information is kept confidential and the limits of confidentiality are explained-essentially any information that identifies a plan to hurt yourself or another person as well as any child abuse or neglect instances have to be reported-everything else is held in the strictest confidentiality.

A genogram and further assessment tools, such as a Beck Depression Inventory, may be utilized as necessary. The information is assessed and a recommendation is provided. If both parties agree, the next session is scheduled.

The therapeutic modality utilized during your initial visit is a Rogerian/Humanistic approach-specifically that of unconditional, positive regard and active listening-which means that you can be sure that your therapist will be working hard to understand where you are coming from without being judgmental. This unconditional positive regard will be present during each subsequent meeting as well.

Each person is invited to move through the process at their own pace, with some folks needing more time to get to the core issues and others ready to dive in sooner. Once the issues that need to be addressed are brought to the surface, they will be treated through Cognitive Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy techniques specific to their situation.